After planting a garden for Earth Day earlier this year, students at Wattsburg Area Elementary Center got a chance to reap the benefits of their hard work on Friday.

It was harvesting time. Students participated in a hands on healthy eating project with organic kabocha squash straight from the school garden. They made gnocchi pasta from the squash. The process allowed students to learn the importance of "farm-to-table" concepts and how to create low-cost, healthy meals for families.

"It's really nice for students to start and put a seed in the ground, and learn how to nurture, take care of it, and watch it grow," health and physical education teacher Bethany Pinzok said. 

The process took several months and work from the students, volunteers, and parents. According to program director and STEAM teacher Heather Hedderman the students will now be preparing to plant for their fall harvest. The current garden includes other types of squash, yellow beans, tomatoes, and more.