The re-election campaign of republican state Senator Dan Laughlin is expected to be a target of the liberal super PAC "American Bridge 21st Century."

According to the publication Politics PA, "American Bridge 21st Century" announced plans to target the 49th District seat now held by Dan Laughlin and the 9th District seat held by republican Tom Killion of Delaware.

A spokeswoman for the PAC told Politics PA that it will be their first effort in state legislature research and tracking, saying "they hope to help democrats flip these two seats."

American Bridge is the group that ran anti-Trump ads last fall that featured Mark Graham of Erie saying he wouldn't vote for Donald Trump again. Erie News Now uncovered that the ad was inaccurate, because records show that Graham did not vote at all in the 2016 presidential election.

On Monday, campaign officials for Dan Laughlin issued a statement responding to the reports. “American Bridge is the lowest common denominator in American politics,” said Melanie Brewer, Laughlin’s campaign manager. “They discuss anything but policy, and their personal harassment of candidates and their families is legendary and disturbing.”

Brewer went on to say the group employs “trackers,” individuals who follow candidates and their staff with video cameras, often mixing in with the press, and infiltrating campaign events in hopes of capturing video that can be used against a candidate.

In the statement the Laughlin campaign outlined what they view as the incumbent's successes:

In his first term as a state senator, Laughlin has obtained an additional $16 million in annual state education funding – preventing the threatened closure of Erie’s high schools. He has played key roles in passing legislation to allow Sunday hunting, and kept a pledge to decline a defined-benefits state pension, has turned down a taxpayer-funded state automobile, and has pledged to term limit himself.

Erie County Councilman Andre Horton announced his candidacy in the democratic primary on Sunday. Democrat Julie Slomski, formerly of the governor's office, is expected to announce her plans to run on Friday.