Don't let the name trick you. Ham is not the only thing sold at Honey Baked Ham in Summit Township. You can also eat lunch at The locally-owned Erie County business, or have it cater your next gathering, and get a several course dinner there. 

Jeff Balogh is serious about ham. He and his wife co-own Honey Baked Ham, located off Peach Street in Summit Township. The Erie-area natives opened the store in 2015, after doing some homework.

"We went to probably 10 locations throughout the country, Honey Baked Hams. And all the owners, with the exception of I think one, told me the same thing. They never got sick of the ham," said Balogh

The hams are fully cooked. Both bone-in, and boneless.

Convenience is a big focus for Honey Baked, from pre-made sandwiches, to serving trays where people can build their own. The locally owned business also provides box lunches to businesses or for gatherings.

The biggest surprise for some, is that the Honey Baked Ham store is also a restaurant.

"There's three things at Honey Baked Ham that I insist on. One is a very clean environment. Two, customer service. And three, the quality of food," said Balogh.

As Erie County natives, the Honey Baked Ham owners give back to the community by working with organizations like the Police Athletic League in Erie, and also providing hams to the Erie City Mission.