Multiple sources who work at Wabtec's Erie plant told Erie News Now a possible ransomware attack is allegedly impacting the ability of employees to log onto the company network and do their jobs.

The first reports came into our newsroom late Monday morning.

According to a source, some employees were met at the plant gate and told not to log on to their computers.  Other employees working from home are also reportedly unable to connect their laptops to the company network.

Erie News Now reached out to several communication officials for Wabtec to validate the reports of a malware/ransomware attack but have not received any official response from the company as yet.

We also contacted Scott Slawson, president of the UE 506 labor union at the plant. He told Erie News Now, "There is some computer difficulty, an IT issue at the plant."  Slawson, however, had no details on the nature or scope of the problem.

Slawson did say as of now, all union employees are still reporting to work. "We make locomotives, not computers," he said.

Wabtec does have a regular summer plant shutdown scheduled for next week, according to Slawson.