From traditions like the tartan ball in Erie, to chowing down on wings at a wing cook off, and enjoying a casino night, Rainbow Gardens has played host to various events over several decades.

"It was called Rainbow Gardens because of the multi-colored tiled floor," said Steve Gorman. 

Steve Gorman is the president. He oversees operations at Rainbow Gardens, Waldameer Amusement Park, and Water World. 

Right on the grounds of Waldameer Amusement Park and next to the very popular Steel Dragon Ride, is this existing Rainbow Gardens. But it is the third structure in the footprint of Rainbow Gardens. 

"It has gone through three renovations because there were two fires that burnt down the building," said Gorman. 

Gorman's father in law, Paul Nelson knows knows that well.

"I was 23 when I took it over," said Nelson. 

Paul is the owner of Rainbow Gardens, Waldameer and Water World.

Among all events at the gardens, his favorite is bringing in the big bands. 

"Every two weeks we'd bring in a band," said Nelson. 

Events have evolved over the years. To school dances, wedding receptions, and now mostly fundraisers.

The events venue has a seating capacity of 1,250 people. All set up and clean up done by Rainbow Gardens staff

"If you rent the building," said Gorman. "You will have to determine your own food." 

The kitchen inside the spacious Millcreek Township venue is used as the base of food operations for any group or company purchasing food from Waldameer for summer picnics in the park pavilions

"It all starts here it all starts here at Rainbow Gardens," said Gorman. 

As does many fond memories for generations of families.