Define Wireless remains closed as of March 15th, with no word on when the Peach Street business might reopen.

Over the last month, Erie News Now ran a series of special reports, examining the business for allegedly jailbreaking devices and creating its own service offering copyrighted content.

A couple weeks ago, the storefront closed, with signs on the door and windows calling the closure temporary.

It has not yet reopened.

The company's lawyer today declined to discuss the matter with Erie News Now, referring to previous statement he's made on his client's behalf.

Erie News Now has reached out to local, state and federal officials, to see whose jurisdiction this would fall under and if there are any bills that could be passed to prevent acts like this.

We've reached out to the local FBI office and were referred to the Pittsburgh office, which covers the western Pennsylvania region. We called the IRS office, asking about the cash payments.

We also reached out to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office.

Finally, we reached out to our local lawmakers including Congressman Kelly and Congressman Thompson's offices.

We expect to hear Congressman Kelly's thoughts on this matter soon.

We will continue to follow this developing story and bring you the latest when we learn more.