As the staff members at Sullivan's Pub prepare for another busy weekend, they're still reflecting on last weekend's events.
Nearly a week after this incident garnered national attention, Emily Jacobson is still fuming.
The Sullivan's bartender is no stranger to sub-par behavior, but she can't get past the actions of Carson Briere and two other athletes. 
"They are definitely not welcome back at our establishment," she said. 
"Disrespecting someone's property like that it's just so low that there is no coming back from that."
She watched as Briere and his friends were kicked out of bar and says she was appalled by what she saw.
She says not just Briere, but the other students as well, seemed to show no remorse. 
"They just thought it was so funny, thought it was hilarious," she said. "There was a girl with them, she thought it was funny. They were denying it."
Briere has since apologized, saying he's "deeply sorry."
Jacobson says that's a start, but Briere needs to apologize to the chair's owner, Sydney Benes, and make amends.
But even in the face of behavior she called disturbing, Jacobson says it's hard not to be optimistic.
A few bad actors have been overshadowed by a groundswell of support. 
"We never expected that much attention to it," she said of a gofundme that raised nearly $10,000,  "but it just really gives me hope that there are more good people out there than bad."
Jacobson says the incident is not an indictment of all Mercyhurst students and student athletes. She says most are wonderful, loyal patrons. But she wants to be sure that not just Briere, but the other students with him, are held fully accountable for their actions. 
We contacted several numbers associated with Briere and his family. 
We received no comments.