As Crawford County Commissioners aim to improve internet access throughout the county, the Meadville Library is helping low-income families stay connected. 

It's all part of the Affordable Connectivity Program. 

The pandemic shined a light on the need for better internet access, especially in rural communities like Crawford County. The program aims to help families who are unable to afford certain devices. 

The Meadville Library has teamed up with Allied One Solutions, to provide families with free tablets and cell phones. 

The program helps ensure that households have access to the broadband they need for work, school, and health care.

There are certain eligibility guidelines, but if you are on Medicaid, receive SNAP benefits, or are living in section 8 housing, you qualify. 

A representative from Allied One Solutions tells Erie News Now that the need for this program is great. 

"It's really good because it keeps them connected.  It helps them find jobs if they need it.  Along with the Medicare, it helps them with doing their benefits online," said Kayla Sanoski, Allied One Solutions. "Anybody who might not be able to afford internet, it's a tablet with free internet attached to it.  You can take it anywhere you go, so it's a very nice program."

Families interested in receiving a free tablet, can meet with a representative of Allied One Solutions at the Meadville Library, on the first Monday of each month.