Some artificial intelligence experts have called for a six-month pause on new AI technology developments. Kevin Baragona, founder CEO of DeepAI was one of them and he said as much AI could help humanity it could also hurt it.

"I have worked in the AI industry for over five years and I do not feel like I am any better protected than anyone else," Baragona said.

As AI continues to develop, experts believe that it could change your world in an instant. "With just one photo of your face either taken in person or online, AI can be used to retrieve potentially every photo of you from across the internet and social media," Baragona said.

"Some private companies have access to this technology, governments certainly have access to it and it could be various branches of the government, anywhere from local to state to federal to secret, it absolutely is happening right now it is just not talked about very much," Baragona said.

"Over the last year, AI has become very real, too real, and kind of scary," Baragona said.

"Just being afraid is not going to help you, what you should be is informed," Baragona said.