In attempts to save the North East Marina, a community-based authority is being proposed, backed by Representative Jake Banta.

On Monday, at the Northeast Borough Meeting, Borough Council President Denise McCumber reiterated what the borough and township wanted clarification on --- questions about how the authority would work and questions on liability. 

Dan Adamus, who spearheaded the proposed authority plan, said the questions for who is liable, shouldn't be a concern. 

“There is no liability for either the borough or the township by creating an authority to manage and take over operation of the marina,” Adamus said. 

Adamus said the authority has to be made before definitive plans take place. 

“In order for there to be discussions on the finality of transferring the marina, an entity that's eligible has to be created. In order for the marina to be transferred, in order for those funds that have been approved . . . to then be transferred to the marina,“ Adamus said.

One North East resident David Herman who came to the meeting, said keeping the marina open is needed for this community. 

"The marina is so important to North East in terms of tourism, business and economic impact. For that to go away on that basis alone would be horrible, but just as importantly, it serves a public safety function. The Fuller Hose operates their boat rescue program . . .out of the marina,” Herman said.