While many are likely enjoying the recent warm weather here in Erie, others are likely already feeling the effects of allergy season - which has gotten a jump start due to the Spring-like weather.


"We've seen flares of allergies and asthma, in addition to sinus infections as well," said Sartaj Ahmed, M.D., an allergist at Tri-State Allergy & Asthma. 

So aside from using over-the-counter medicines and antihistamines, what are some other methods to keep your allergies in check this season?

"Keeping your windows closed keeps the allergens out of our homes," said Dr. Becky Dawson, a local epidemiologist.

"We always think 'open the windows up,' but if you do suffer from spring allergies, keeping your windows and doors shut is always helpful... Taking your shoes off as soon as you arrive at home is a really great practice for lots of reasons, but definitely for keeping allergens out of your home... Make sure that before you get into your bed that you have taken your clothes off that have been outside."