While the Warner Theatre may be known for it's bright lights and variety of shows, according to some local legends, it also holds a haunted past.

It's something that local paranormal investigative group Eerie Unknown hopes to uncover.

"So there's been two major claims," said James Tuholski, leader and founder of Eerie Unknown. "One in the grand hallway of seeing some type of apparition walk up the stairs to the balcony area. Another one, an old stage hand that used to work here, he passed away, and there's been claims of seeing him around the mainstage area."

James Tuholski, founder of Eerie Unknown, says the Warner Theatre has been on his list of places to investigate for years.

Now, his group is the first to investigate the local landmark.

But Tuholski isn't alone. On his hunts, he's joined by 8 other investigators, and a psychic medium. 

"What we try to do is be a legit ghost investigation group," said Scott Dunkle, an assistant investigator with the Eerie Unknown team.

"We're not trying to draw ratings like the people on TV, so we don't over exaggerate when we come across something. When we go into a residence or a business, [we try to] come up with some evidence to prove that what they've seen is true. And again, sometimes they come away with nothing, but as Jimmy [Tuholski] always says, the ghosts are actors. If they're active and they want to speak to you they will, if not sometimes you come away with no evidence."

But it's not just about the paranormal side of Erie's history that interests Tuholski.

"[We've been] doing it the four years that have been, we've done about 60 investigations throughout Erie County and Western New York," said Tuholski.

"Erie has a lot of history to it, and obviously the Warner Theatre is probably one of the most popular locations. I've always heard that it was haunted, but never had the the proof that it was."

Eerie Unknown's investigation will be live streamed on their Facebook page on Saturday, March 30th at 9 p.m.

Erie News Now's Tom Kowalski will also join the investigation to document the process.