As Erie prepares for the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th, local pilots are preparing for traffic on the Erie airport's runway.

"They're planning on having about 50 general aviation airplanes here," said David Benson, owner of Fundamentals Flight Training at the Erie Airport. "So things will be quite busy on April 8th."

"The main issue is just going to be getting people landed at the airport, cause you can only do one plane at a time. So, that's going to be the main issue. I know the FAA put a couple things out, and directions and stuff for for us to follow, but it's been pretty broad. So it's not real restricting."

Benson says due to the expected traffic at the Erie airport, he's planning to likely delay or cancel training flights on that day.

"As far as flight training, if it's really busy at the airport, it's not gonna be beneficial for us or the airport, just adding to that chaos," continued Benson. "So we'll make a decision at that point during the eclipse. We sold seats for a scenic flight, so we're just going to do one plane, we don't want to add anymore chaos to it."

But it's not just Erie's airport that's preparing for the big day. At the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, Public Information Officer Kelly Khatib tells us what will happen for planes landing during the time of the eclipse.

"There are a few flights that are coming in at that time, and for us it's just pretty much business as usual," said Khatib on behalf of the NFTA, which runs the Buffalo airport. "It's just like when you're flying in the dark. It's going to be very interesting because of this phenomenon."

And Khatib says people should expect some delays.

"So we pretty much just ask everyone for their patience, because there's going to be a lot of people coming into this area. So we're gonna have planes that are landing, so it might be a little bit longer as you wait on the runway, but other than that, it's just pretty much at the airport, business as usual."