Hotels around the region are a hot commodity on Eclipse day, but what about the rest of the year? Erie News Now checked out a hotel in a prime Erie County sport for this week's Giving You the Business Report. 

A hotel room comes with importance, a clean place to stay and relax.

Just ask Lisa Leehan. She's worked her way up in the industry, from housekeeping to being a general manager.

"I learned every aspect of hotels that I possibly could," said Lisa. 

She's the general manager of this multi-level Baymont by Wyndham. It has 117 rooms, ranging from suites with a king-size bed and ample space to rooms with two double beds, perfect for both short and long-term stays.

Located right near Interchange 90 and immediately across the street from Presque Isle Downs and Casino.

The Baymont by Wyndham offers shuttle service upon request, just on Fridays and Saturdays, into the City of Erie for any visitors that may be enjoying events going on there.

However, no shuttle service will be available on the very historic and traffic-fueled day in Erie: the total solar eclipse.

But what will be offered in this fully booked hotel are the usual amenities:

  • Complimentary breakfast to guests
  • Laundry services, if needed
  • A place to work out
  • Information available for all visitors

"The number one thing with hospitality is cleanliness and friendliness. From there, we make sure all of our employees know the area and we can just offer them information about what's going on," said Lisa. 

The staff sits at around 20 people, but typically grows to around 40 during the holiday season and peak time: May to September.

"We've been attracting people through higher wages, more perks, offering free nights' stays throughout the brand, doing more things to make it more desirable for someone who wouldn't think of necessarily being in the hospitality industry," said Lisa. 

The Baymont is a place to grow and find comfort. The hotel also has a private meeting room available that can be booked for parties, too.

But on eclipse day, the staff is expecting to be there all day and night, using inflatable mattresses just in case traffic doesn't allow for travel home.