For the last three years, Erie News Now has honored veterans and their families every Thursday night. It's stories of service and sacrifice. This week Erie News Now is featuring the journey of Bob Fisher.

He spent two decades in the U.S. Army, but recently celebrated a 70-year milestone.

Robert Fisher served in the U.S. Army for 20 years, with tours in Vietnam, Greece, and Germany.

"I was an advisor," said Fisher. "From all the teams, our team lost more people than any other teams. The number 1 advisor with me had been wounded 10 times." 

Now 92 years old, Robert still has vivid memories of many of his military experiences.

"The Vietnamese army by itself couldn't win, and it wasn't a lost because Thailand, Cambodia and all those countries are now free," said Fisher. "If we hadn't been there they would be Communists today." 

Robert recently celebrated his most important lifetime achievement: his 70th wedding anniversary with his bride, Donna. Erie's my home, you know. 

"That was a 14 month tour and I talked to my wife once during that 14 month tour," said Robert. "We just love each other." 

Robert Fisher, thank you for your service.