BirthRoot Community Doula Alliance is rolling out a new program to help pregnant mothers of color monitor blood pressure in honor of Preeclampsia Awareness Month. 

BirthRoot Doulas will be lending blood pressure cuffs to mothers while teaching them how to regularly check their blood pressure. The American Heart Association Erie Region donated 50 blood pressure cuffs to the organization.

Doulas are certified professionals who provide support to mothers during pregnancy, labor, delivery and after giving birth. BirthRoot offers its services to the community for free. 

According to the organization, preeclampsia is a serious disease that can happen to anyone during the second half of pregnancy or up to six weeks after delivery. 

“Preeclampsia diagnosis is currently made from monitoring blood pressure and urine for protein at prenatal visits. Monitoring blood pressure at home can lead to earlier diagnosis of life threatening hypertensive disorders of pregnancy before delivery and after delivery,” said Dr. Annette Wagner, OB-GYN.

More information on the BirthRoot Community Doula Alliance can be found here